SOS: Save Our Steinway

Campaign to Restore our 1877 Steinway Model B Grand Piano #39970

A fundraising campaign to save and fully restore the museum’s 1877 Steinway Model B Grand Piano is underway.  The restoration will be done by Steinway & Sons in New York and the old piano will then become one of the famed Steinway Heirloom Pianos. The process will take a full year and when completed, the insides of the instrument will be state-of-the-art Steinway and the highly decorated piano cabinet will be refinished to its original luster.  Upon arrival back at the museum, the piano will be placed in Robertson Hall to be used for recitals, competitions and special performances.  It is to be the peoples’ piano.   Preservation Patrons are invited to purchase donation Shares of $100 each and a keepsake quality certificate of participation will be presented to each Patron recognizing their donation.  The Bates County Historical Society is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. 
The crafting of Steinway Model B Grand Piano #39970 was begun in 1877 with the piano being completed in April 1879.  In May of that year, the instrument was shipped to Conover Brothers Music in Kansas City and eventually made its way to Butler and the home of Dr. Elliott Pyle, a well-known physician.  Having moved to Butler in 1868, Dr. Pyle was an avid music lover and accomplished pianist.  Upon his untimely death, the piano went to his widow, Annie, and eventually to his daughter, Miss Eunice Pyle.  Eunice was born in 1897 and lived her entire life in Butler.  In 1979, she donated the piano to the museum and in 1983, Eunice passed away.  This 135-year-old piano needs to be preserved and enjoyed by generations to come. 
Please consider making a donation to help fund this effort.  Any amount is welcomed and appreciated.  You will find a PayPal link on our home page.  There is also a site.  Of course, you are also welcome to mail donations to:  Bates County Museum-Save Our Steinway, PO Box 164, Butler, MO 64730.
1877 Steinway Model B Grand Piano #39970

1877 Steinway Model B Grand Piano #39970

Museum Director with Steinway Piano Leg (Photo courtesy of “Rural Missouri” magazine)

1877 Steinway Model B Grand Piano # 39970

1877 Steinway Model B Grand Piano #39970