February 13

1869-A steamboat unloads 500 barrels of salt at Belvoir, 20 miles south of Butler.

1874-A Mr. Perron of Fort Scott nearly drowns in the Miami Creek as he tries to flee from the Bates County Sheriff with a stolen team and wagon.

1885-The County Grand Jury condemns the rattletrap of a County Jail and declares the outhouse in the Courthouse to be a nuisance.

1886-A riot on North Main Street bloodies a lot of noses and reputations at an exhibition to see Henry Triby give a grand performance at the skating rink.

1897-General Jo Shelby, reputed to be the only Confederate general to never surrender, dies at his farm in Elkhart township.

1938-The February issue of the national magazine School Musician has on the cover a photograph of Victor Mahan of Butler High School in his band uniform.

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