Throwback Thursday-Tramp in the Henhouse


Bates County Courthouse built 1870

Courtesy of the Eddie Herrman Archives

December 4

1882-Gentlemen appointed ushers for the opening of Walton’s Opera House are; Sam Levy, Henry Levy, Joe Meyer, Ed Carnes, William Pyle, C. F. Burns, Robert Grierson, and Tom Petty. Butler.

1905-Major Falloon is erecting a massive hennery at his Mound township ranch, Southwest of Adrian. (Major Falloon’s home would later become known as “Young’s Mansion”.)

1915-Mrs. George Fresh, of Hume, apprehends a tramp trying to steal some eggs from her henhouse.

1934-Mrs. Susan Shannon & Mr. John Barrows, both of Rich Hill, present to the Bates County Court, a picture of Freeman Barrows, first county officer, unanimously elected County Clerk, Recorder, and Treasurer in 1840, serving until 1853.

December 5

1861-George Thomas, of Lone Oak township, is kidnapped by outlaws. Never heard of again.

1879-McReynolds & Schwenk, boot and shoe makers, are now in their new building on the North side of the Butler square.

1881-The new arc lights on top of the Bates County Courthouse, in Butler, are drawing huge crowds each night.

1913-Lorand O. Tabler is Altona’s new postmaster.

1934-The Grover Gilbert Chevrolet Company, on West Ohio street, displays the death car of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.  Noted criminologist, C. Wiley Stanley lectures of the couple’s demise.

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