Throwback Thursday-We Never Are Ready

Courtesy of the Eddie Herrman Archives

East side of the Butler square circa 1880. M.S. Cowles Dry Goods store on the left. Photo from the Ed Robertson estate.

East side of the Butler square circa 1880. M.S. Cowles Dry Goods store on the left. Photo from the Ed Robertson estate.

March 5

1872-The Bates County Court establishes a new township in Southeast Bates County called Rockville township

1883-Sam Welsh and Milt Whiteley, who are prospecting East of Butler a few miles, strike solid rock bearing gold and silver at 84 feet.

1913-The Worland Coal Company is chartered.

1923-Radio station WNAR (We Never Are Ready) of Butler broadcasts a special radio program to Mrs. W. W. Clark of Clinton, MO between 5;30 and 6:00 PM and several of her neighbors crowd into her home to enjoy the program with her.

1945-Mr. Russell Cox has a party for the boys who have been killing sparrows for him. Those present are: Jr. Thompson, Don Grimes, Ralph Umstattd, John Umstattd, Max Hurt, Walt Pettus, Art Box, Leroy Grimes, Melvin Griffith, and Homer Gooden.

1947-For the first time in Bates County history, women’s names are called and sworn in for the jury panel  in Circuit Court. Mrs. L. D. Harper and Mrs. Edith Lincoln, of Adrian; Mrs. Elode Young of Butler, and Mrs. Laura B. Mullies of Rich Hill.

March 6

1820-The Missouri Compromise is passed in the United States Congress.

1862-Company C, 1st Battalion, Ohio Volunteer Cavalry camps near Butler.  Private Robert T. McMahan writes in his diary, “Butler clearly deserted building, principal ones burned down”.

1868-McClintock & Sons are erecting a woolen mill and carding machine, NE of the square, on Indiana Street. (Mill Street)

1880-M.S. Cowles & Company announce they are retiring from the dry goods business and Dr. Martin and Mr. McClintock will take over their old stand. (Present Security Bank location)

1890-The Bryant College, in Sprague, is increasing in number and enthusiasm.

1922-Rich Hillians are surprised to hear the news that a former Rich Hill Missouri Pacific Railroad station agent, William Carter, is in the Carthage, MO jail in connection with the destruction, by dynamite, of a big chat plant near Webb City, MO.

1937E.J. Kling buys the land south of the Post Office for his new monument plant.





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