Throwback Thursday-“Whiskey, Its Fruits and Its Friends”

Judge W.W. Graves

Judge W.W. Graves

From the Eddie Herrman Archives

April 9

1863-J.N. Durand, first Postmaster of Prairie City, is killed by bushwhackers between Prairie City and Butler.

1869-A severe windstorm damages roofs, chimneys, and buildings in Butler.  Wilson & Pyle’s sign from their store on South Main is blown across the square.

1886-Elder J. B. Hughes, of Kansas City, delivers a lecture on “Whiskey, its fruits and its friends” at the Butler Christian Church.

1887-Amos Satterlee purchases the livery stable of Jack Cornelisen, Adrian.

1906Judge Walter Washington Graves, of Butler, is appointed to fill a Missouri Supreme Court vacancy. (He will serve 12 years)

1945-Today is “Skip Day” at the Rich Hill High School and 38 students charter a bus to go to Joplin and attend a carnival.


The Wall Drugstore on Main Street in Adrian.

The Wall Drugstore on Main Street in Adrian.

April 10

1857-Captain John B. Newberry moves from Papinville to Deepwater township and becomes a captain in the Missouri Militia.

1867-The town plat for Hudson City is presented to the Bates County Court by Judge Charles Robards, in Hudson township, West 1/2 of lot 5, section 3.

1903-Sam Walls has sold his drug store, in Adrian, to Woods & Wise.  He will be moving to Butler.

1907-Carrie Nation, the temperance firebrand, is late arriving in Adrian, from Butler, and the welcoming committee doesn’t wait to welcome her.

1912-The Hume Lodge of Mystic Workers initiate 40 new members into the ranks.

1941-Appraisal of the 41, 844 acre Scully estate begins, under contract by the US government.

1942-486 books, donated to the Victory Book Campaign in Bates Co., are at the Butler Library, packed, and ready for shipping to military bases.

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