January 30

1862-Captain Sydney Jackman’s Home Guard troops rout Kansas murderers from Dr. Walker’s house near Johnstown.

1862-Nickerson’s store, Lee’s store, and the dozen or so dwellings in Prairie City are burned by troops from Kansas.

1884-The cistern at the ‘poor farm’, 3 miles Northeast of Butler, is being enlarged as there are now 10 person living there.

1903-Miss Flora Frederick, a skilled osteopath, arrives from New York, to assist her sister, Dr. Harriet Frederick, in her Butler office.

1905-A gypsy woman gives birth to a baby on the sidewalk in downtown Rockville.

1920-Judge R. B. Campbell is in Butler visiting friends in the courthouse.  He has just completed the census enumeration of Pleasant Gap and says it’s some job to count all the chickens and eggs and measure the milk produced last year.

1989-Joanne Rush, president of the Butler Library Association, announces an endowment from the Robert and Virginia Heinlein Library Foundation is being established for the purpose of supporting the Butler Public Library.

Robert A Heinlein

Robert A Heinlein, the Dean of Science Fiction.

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