Throwback Thursday-Set a Standard Time Already!

Southwest Corner of Butler Square showing Walton Opera House, E


From the Eddie Herrman Archives

1862-A battle between Bushwackers and Northern exponents occurs near Coleville, section 25 of Deer Creek township. (Northeast of present Adrian)

1880-This issue of the Bates County Record newspaper says, “Butler needs a standard time.  Right now the schools, the mills, and the railroads each have their own times.”

1883- Two young men named Medley & Couples are fined $5 each for running their horses on a public road, near Butler.

1890-Mr Wilson and family arrives in Amoret, to be the landlord of the new Stratford Inn, and pledges to have it open by the 18th.

1902-It is rumored that Lon Stanley will shortly open up the Laclede hotel.  Lon will make a first-class landlord.

1915-The workers at the Ideal Coal Mine, near Hume, are spooked by a crazy man who jumps from a train, claiming somebody is trying to murder him.  Constable Taylor takes him to safety, where no one can get to him. (the calaboose)

1944-Floyd Payne is in Amsterdam, on furlough from O’Reilly Hospital in Springfield, MO., wearing a Purple Heart.


Stratford Inn Amoret Mo postcard

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