January 23

1816-By an act of the Territorial Legislature, the area between the Missouri River and the Marias des Cygnes River is made a part of Howard County.

1880-M.S. Cowles & Company take arrival of a fine, new safe but the combination was lost during travel.

1885-A special social hop is held at the W. J. Bard mansion near Vinton. A fantastic supper is served at midnight.

1885-Butler night watchman, John Dickerson, arrests Charles Simmons, who was full of  “bug juice” and waves a large pruning knife at the officer. Fined $59.19.

1906-L.S. Radford completes a large addition to his Ohio Street livery barn, making it the biggest in the county. (Corner Hardware location)

1924-The legendary, world renowned Blind Boone & Company appears in the Hume High School auditorium.

1949-Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Oberwether return to Butler from Washington D. C.  where they attended the inauguration of President Harry S. Truman.

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