Throwback Thursday-A Deadly Charivari

Inside Levy's Store


Courtesy of the Eddie Herrman Archives

1851-A convocation of Master Masons is held at Balltown, Bates Co. and organize Osage Lodge #303, AF & AM.

1858-At the charivari for newlyweds John Hamilton and Emmaline Gibson, John McWilliams is accidently shot and killed at the McWilliams place, which later became the town of Amoret.

1861-Hundreds of robbers from Kansas flood into Bates County, robbing Butler and Johnstown and everything in between,  taking hostages, horses, livestock and plunder.

1880-Samuel Levy moves his dry goods from the North side of the Butler square to the Edwards Building, on the East side, to be ready for opening on Monday morning.

1920-A large crowd attends the pie supper at the Virginia school, west of Butler, and enjoy the play “Out in the Street”.  $32.18 from the crowd goes to buying a large bell.  Charlie LeFever lit the school house with free Delco lights.

1934-The City Oil & Gas Co., of Butler, has installed the latest in gas pumps. This one measures fractions of gasoline pumped. The uptown station only.

1942-Edward Larkey celebrates his 99th birthday at his home near Merwin.  He is thought to be the last Civil War veteran in Bates County.

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